Infectious Lameness in Foals

Injury to the musculoskeletal system is a regularly encountered crisis in foals that can be recognized immediately after birth or at any time during development.  The foals’ immature immune system along with their fragile musculoskeletal unit will produce varying degrees of lameness when either is compromised. This article by our very own John Janicek, DVM, MS, [+] Read More

Rest & Recovery: Use of Conditioning & Layup Facilities

Recovery from strenuous exercise is a vital aspect of any training program, whether it is a barrel horse or a football player. This article by our very own Dr. Beau Whitaker, DVM, CERP will focus exclusively on the use of conditioning and layup facilities.  Athletes Recovery from strenuous exercise is a vital aspect of any training program, whether it [+] Read More

Respiratory Issues: How to Best Control Inflammation in the Lungs

The equine lungs and chest are designed to bring oxygen into the bloodstream and to release heat and carbon dioxide. This article by our very own Dr. Ben Buchanan, DVM, DACVIM, DACVECC will focus exclusively on how being tuned in to your horse’s respiratory health can help you know when the lungs are not functioning at their peak. [+] Read More

Current Regenerative Trends in Equine Sports Medicine

In this article by our very own Dr. John Janicek, DVM, MS, DACVS, will focus exclusively on rapidly evolving treatment options and less invasive solutions, such as regenerative therapies. Injuries & Athletes  Musculoskeletal injuries are common in elite and weekend equine athletes. Tendonopathies of the superficial or deep digital flexor tendon (bowed tendons), suspensory ligament or inferior check [+] Read More

Maintenance Exams: Stop Problems Before They Start

Regular maintenance exams with your veterinarian can help pinpoint subtle issues and keep your team on track. This article by our very own Dr. Ricky Osterloh will focus exclusively on how maintenance can stop problems before they start.  High Performance Today’s equine athlete is asked to perform at a high level and asked to do this consistently.  [+] Read More

Meet Dr. Ben Buchanan

You could say that Dr. Ben Buchanan was born into the world of veterinary medicine. As a kid, he spent his time scrubbing floors, cleaning stalls, and mowing the lawn at his father’s practice. But Dr. Ben was also an outlier in the world of horses. He didn’t show horses growing up, as we so [+] Read More

Get to Know Dr. Ricky Osterloh

If there was a textbook about how to enter veterinary medicine, Dr. Ricky Osterloh would be on the cover. He grew up in a small, agriculture-focused town where the cattle and horses far outnumbered the people. “I didn’t know that I was going to be a veterinarian at that time, but every job I had [+] Read More

Meet Dr. Beau Whitaker

Dr. Beau Whitaker grew up around horses on his family’s farm outside of Nashville, Tennessee. His father was the head of the equine program at Middle Tennessee State University, but Dr. Beau will tell you he had trouble deciding what he wanted to do when he was going through college himself. In fact, it wasn’t [+] Read More