Elevating Equine Performance With Our Horse Show Services

Elevating Equine Performance With Our Horse Show Services

Improve your horse’s performance with our sports medicine services!

At Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals, we understand the importance of peak performance in your equine athletes. That’s why we offer various state-of-the-art sports medicine services designed to optimize their performance and well-being.

Our dedicated team of experts utilizes advanced techniques and technologies to diagnose and treat various conditions, ensuring your horse can perform at their best. Our comprehensive approach covers all aspects of equine sports medicine, including:

  • Lameness Examinations
  • Computerized Gait Analysis
  • Corrective Podiatry
  • Acoustic Myography
  • Poor Performance Examinations
  • Pre-Purchase Examinations
  • Dynamic Endoscopy
  • Stem Cell Therapy
  • PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) Therapy
  • Pro Stride Regenerative Treatment
  • IRAP (Interleukin-1 Receptor Antagonist Protein) Therapy
  • Tennex
  • Advanced Imaging
  • Alpha-2 Macroglobulin (A2M)

Experience the difference that cutting-edge sports medicine can make in enhancing your horse’s performance. Trust Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals to take your horse’s athletic potential to new heights.

Computerized Gait Analysis

Better known as the “Lameness Locator,” this device is an objective way to localize subtle lameness and to accurately evaluate response to diagnostic analgesia (nerve blocks and joint blocks).

  • Inertial Sensor: Strategically positioned at the croup, this advanced device captures up to 200 data points from the head, pelvis, right front leg, and rider position to track movement.
  • Bluetooth Technology: Integrated at the poll and right front fetlock, our system seamlessly communicates with a tablet using the Ground Truth (GT 2.0) Software and Lameness Locator Software, providing real-time visualization of results.

Experience the remarkable precision and convenience of computerized gait analysis at Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals. Our commitment to innovative technologies ensures accurate diagnoses and optimal treatment plans for your equine companion.

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