In 1987, T-Bone established Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals to offer an exceptional approach to caring for horses.

Dr. Terrell “T-Bone” Buchanan, never saw caring for a horse as a case-by-case approach. Rather he saw it as relationship-by-relationship, year-over-year.

His passion for healing horses was coupled with a desire to foster a long-term relationship of trust with the owners that created the best possible environment for horses to succeed in.

From breeding to birth to a horse’s final strides and all phases in between, Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals offers unparalleled service through:

  • Industry-Leading Doctors
  • Innovative Approaches
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment
  • Unmatched Customer Service

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My boy got his first pro rodeo win under his belt in Denton, TX last night!
*Fact check- yes I made the college finals, but most certainly NOT as an Aggie..🤣 #goBuffs

Thanks Toby & Cindi Smith Keeton for helping pamper Champ and letting us hang out at the track with you guys for a couple days ❤️

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2020 rodeo season has come and gone. We are beyond thankful for the committees that stuck it out and provided us with places to compete! 2020 was full of challenges but proud to say we over came them and will be roping 10 steers in globe life field come December. To my sponsors, friends, and family who have been there through the thick and thin.....Thank you, your support and encouragement has been the extra push I’ve needed throughout the down times of the season! I am looking forward to December and the work between now and then! hunterkoch355 thank you brother! Always been a great partner and friend!
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2020 “You can cut our wings to fly but you can’t stop us from soaring”

This year was rough and question a lot what our future holds but at the same time it made us push another gear and took us out of our comfort zone to do and have new amazing projects with incredible people that we dearly cherish.

We take this Nomination in the Dress Act TOP 5 as an encouragement to keep believing in what we do and as a promise of great things ahead of us as family and performers.

A heartfelt thank you to the people that voted for our family, we are very touched and humbled for having us on the list 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

To all the incredible performers nominees and non nominees we just want to say that we are proud of you all for holding strong this year and soon we will all be back to do what we love in front of an amazing cheering crowd.

With Love ♥️

Garcilazo Family

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4.6 at salmon, Idaho cvscontrols #midwestcontracting #LCOS cinchjeans _classicrope _martinsaddlery purinaperformancehorse smartythesteer brazosvalleyequinehospitals besteverpads 2wequipment arenawerks89 #teambveh #feedgreatness ...

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