Equine Ambulatory Services

Equine Ambulatory Services

Comprehensive equine care on wheels.

Our dedicated ambulatory services bring top-quality care directly to your horse’s doorstep at Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals.

Our skilled veterinarians and advanced mobile units provide a wide range of services, ensuring your horse’s well-being and optimal health. We are here to meet all of your show horse care needs.

Here are some of the exceptional services we offer through our ambulatory division:

  • Equine preventative medicine: Proactive healthcare measures, including vaccinations, deworming, and wellness exams, to safeguard your horse's long-term health.
  • Equine dentistry: Expert dental care, including routine dental floating, dental extractions, and treatment of dental abnormalities, promoting optimal dental health and performance.

Mobile Equine Sports Medicine

  • Lameness exams: Thorough lameness evaluations utilizing advanced diagnostic techniques and treatment modalities to identify and address the underlying causes of lameness.
  • Equine pre-purchase exams: Comprehensive evaluations and assessments to aid in making informed decisions when purchasing a horse, providing crucial insights into the horse's health and soundness.
  • Show horse services: Specialized care tailored to the unique needs of show horses, including performance evaluations, soundness assessments, and preventive measures to enhance their competitive edge.

Why Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals for Ambulatory Services?

Experience the convenience and excellence of Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals’ Ambulatory Services. Our dedicated veterinarians and fully equipped mobile units ensure that your horse receives exceptional care right where they are. When you need a mobile horse vet, look no further than our services!

Schedule an appointment and discover the convenience and comprehensive care our Ambulatory Services provide.

Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals serve equine patients in Texas and Arizona. We offer equine reproductive services, equine surgery, equine sports medicine, equine dental care, equine ambulatory treatments, equine wellness & preventive care, equine CT scans, and more. Serving patients in Navasota, Cypress, Salado, Waco Texas, and Cave Creek, Arizona.