Elevating Equine Performance With Our Horse Show Services

Elevating Equine Performance With Our Horse Show Services

We offer on-site services for horse shows and barrel races!

At Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals, we prioritize your horse’s wellness and preventative care. Our range of services and diligent approach help safeguard their overall health and minimize the risk of diseases.

  • Pre-purchase examinations: Thorough evaluations to assess the health and soundness of prospective horses.
  • Lameness examinations: Comprehensive assessments to diagnose and treat lameness issues, ensuring optimal performance.
  • Poor performance examinations: Identifying underlying factors affecting your horse's performance and developing tailored solutions.
  • Regenerative therapies: Advanced treatments promoting tissue repair and recovery for enhanced performance.
  • Shockwave therapy: Non-invasive therapy utilizing sound waves to stimulate healing and alleviate pain.
  • Basic lab work: On-site diagnostic capabilities to efficiently and accurately assess your horse's health.
  • Performance enhancement: Targeted treatments and therapies to improve performance and address any underlying issues affecting your horse's competitive edge.
  • Injury management: Prompt evaluation and expert care for any show-related injuries or concerns, facilitating a swift recovery and safe return to the ring.
  • Wellness maintenance: Ongoing monitoring and preventive care to optimize your horse's overall health and longevity in the show circuit.
  • Emergency response: Immediate and efficient medical attention during shows in case of unforeseen emergencies, offering you peace of mind and your horse the best possible care.

Learn More About Our Mobile Sports Medicine Services!

Experience the convenience and expertise of our sports medicine trailer – bringing exceptional care right to your doorstep. We are here to assist equine athletes competing in races, jumping competitions, or shows. Contact us to learn more about having our trailer at your next event!

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