At BVEH, we understand that reproduction is an investment into a process that goes beyond the buildings that fertilization takes place in. We honor that a horse owner has chosen to partner with us on this journey.

Unlike any other facility in the region, BVEH has created an unmatched reproduction program featuring a precise pairing of a board-certified profile with a vast diversity of specialized care through an all-encompassing process – from fertilization to foal.


  • Embryo Donor and Recipient Management
  • Semen Freezing, both Domestic and International Transportation
  • Oocyte Harvest
  • Management of Subfertile Mares and Stallions
  • Stallion Training
  • Mare Reproductive Management, Breeding with Fresh, Cooled, and Frozen Semen
  • Breeding Soundness Examinations
  • Artificial Insemination
  • Embryo Transfer
  • Reproductive Surgery Emergencies

We provide complete care for every age.

From the post-birth examination and plasma transfusions to later conformation evaluations and foal pneumonia screening, we provide complete care for every age.

We are as intentional to the fertilization process as we are to the care of the animals leading up to the and during the breeding. Prior to breeding, mares are tended to ensuring they are healthy, always of optimal weight, feet in exceptional shape and of overall health ideal for successful pregnancies.

Stallions are continually encouraged to be out, exercise frequently and maintain good nutrition. Attention to all phases of the process ultimately results in the desired end goal – healthy newborn foals.

While the Critical Care units manage the high-risk pregnancy, the Internal Medicine team takes care of the healthy foals.