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Referral Policy

BVEH is pleased to provide specialists to examine and consult on patients with you. Our board certified internal medicine, critical care, and surgery specialists will bring a professional level of expertise to help you provide the best service to your client. Let us help you to provide cutting edge diagnostics to your clients without having to invest in additional equipment. All clients seen on consulting basis will be treated as a referral. It is BVEH policy to not provide primary care to any new client seen on referral for 12 months without permission of the referring veterinarian. If you would like for us to assist with one of your patients, please call so we can collect an appropriate history

It is the goal of BVEH to respect the relationship of a referring veterinarian and client. When a veterinarian has referred a case to our hospital, our policy is to inform clients we have not seen in the last 36 months, that we will not see their animals without a referral for the next 12 months. For cases where the client has made the appointment without a referral, it is our policy to seek permission to speak to their veterinarian and our goal to return the care of that case back to their veterinarian.


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