From the post-birth examination and plasma transfusions to later conformation evaluations and foal pneumonia screening, we provide complete care for every age and stage of equine life.

BVEH’s staff provides an unparalleled mix of expertise to address complex and simple internal medicine cases.


With exclusive board-certified specialists in Internal Medicine and Emergency Critical Care, and access to nutritional consultants, BVEH serves as a regional referral center for:

  • Neurologic Cases (EPM, wobblers, seizures)
  • Upper and Lower Respiratory Cases (COPD, asthma, inflammatory airway disease, nasopharyngeal cicatrix syndrome)
  • Endocrine Cases (PPID, insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome)
  • Heart Cases (murmurs, arrhythmias, heart failure)
  • Chronic Colic and Weight Loss Cases
  • Gastric Ulcer Syndrome
  • Biosecurity Services (outbreak management, event/facility planning, dedicated isolation facility)
  • Care of the Healthy Foals
  • Other Puzzling Infectious Disease Cases

BVEH also provides advanced ophthalmologic care to a multiple state region and is one of the few hospitals in the US to perform cataract surgery and cyclosporine implants on horses.

Boasting the latest in diagnostic and surgical equipment, we help manage:

  • Chronic Uveitis Cases
  • Chronic Corneal Disease
  • Acute Corneal Ulcers
  • Stromal Abscess
  • Glaucoma

BVEH is one of the very few practices in the country that can boast the level of specialization we offer in Emergency and Critical Care.

We have one of the few boarded Equine Criticalists as part of our private practice, as well as boarded internists, surgeons, and theriogenologists.

Our dedicated ICU facilities and 24-hour staffing means there is always a veterinarian on call, and with laboratory services are available 24 hours, we serve as a regional referral hospital and are able to effectively triage and manage:

  • Medical Colics
  • Surgical Colics
  • Critically Ill Foals
  • Manage High-Risk Pregnancies
  • Other Cases Needing Constant Attention

Internal Medicine & Critical Care