Equine dentistry is crucial to equine health.

Brazos Valley Equine Dental Services is a group of licensed and properly trained equine dental providers working alongside our team of veterinarians to ensure your horse has a properly balanced mouth in order to maintain a healthy oral cavity, and overall, a healthy horse.


BVEH offers an encompassing approach to dentistry that is individualized and comprehensive including: 

  • Light Standing Sedation
  • Full Oral Examination
  • Dental Function and Incisor Evaluation
  • Dental Endoscopy (evaluation of abnormalities with a camera inside the mouth)
  • Routine “Float” 

By identifying and preventing problems in a horse’s mouth, you will be able to identify and prevent potential problems that could cause multiple issues for your horse including:

  • Performance Issues
  • Weight Loss
  • Nasal Drainage
  • Foul Odor Originating from the Mouth
  • Colic

How often should your horse have a dental exam?

  • Ages 2-5: Every six months
  • Ages 6-20+: Once a Year
  • Ages 21+:  Every six months

How can you tell if your horse is having mouth problems?

  • Dropping Feed
  • Losing Weight
  • Lifting Their Head Up to Eat
  • Turning Their Head Side to Side
  • Fighting the Bit
  • Not Performing Well
  • Foul Odor
  • Have Nostril Drainage on One Side

Our Dentists

Cody Morgan, EPD

Cody Morgan, a Dodge City, Kansas native, has been with Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals since 2007.

He spent his childhood and teen years roping and steer wrestling, and continued to do so throughout his college career at Colby Community College.

After receiving his Associates in Equine Reproduction and Management, Cody moved to Navasota, Texas to become Dr. T-Bones’ main technician and learn the ropes of equine dentistry and chiropractics.

While he started out as a tech, he quickly began working as a “Jack of All Trades” and came to realize the love he had for equine dentistry. Morgan got his equine dentistry practitioner license in 2011, and in 2016 he was approached to start equine dentistry full time.

“I literally jumped at the opportunity,” Morgan said. “I can do something I absolutely love and enjoy it while helping both the horse and the rider.”

While horses continued to play a big role in his personal and professional life, Morgan married his “best friend,” Meghan, in 2014. “After several different incidents and such, we decided that having horses and competing was no longer in our cards,” Morgan said. “So we sold everything and bought scuba diving equipment.”

When he’s not working, Morgan said he and his wife travel to a Caribbean Island a couple of times a year and dive with the marine life and corals. They also enjoy hanging out with their dogs, Kadence and Pharoah, grilling and spending time near some water.

Casey Chamberlain, EPD

From customer to co-worker, Casey Chamberlain moved to Stephenville, Texas with his wife, Callie and two kids, Chayni and Catch, in 2012. While he started using Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals for his own horse needs, he quickly built relationships with the staff at BVEH. While Chamberlain has been an equine dentist for 12 years, he started working for with BVEH in 2015, and recently started full-time as an equine dentist for the hospital.

Chamberlain has been around horses his entire life, and building a career around them made sense.

“I wanted to have a job where I could make my own schedule, stay involved with horses, and still rope,” Says Casey. “Turns out I found a passion for doing teeth and really enjoy my customers and helping horses.”

Casey went to Frank Phillips college on a rodeo scholarship, and later attended dentistry school in Mineral Wells at the Texas Institute of Equine Dentistry. Throughout his years of practicing equine dentistry, Chamberlain said his favorite parts of his job revolve around positive improvements in his clients’ horses’ health. “It’s rewarding to have customers see the results and be happy with the outcome of getting their horses teeth done, and how much healthier their horses stay,” he said.

When Casey is off the clock, he said he really enjoys being with his family, watching his kids ride and rodeo, and picking up a rope when he gets the chance.

Scotty McCoy

Scotty McCoy grew up in a little community just south of Weatherford, called Tin Top. He completed all of his schooling in Weatherford, and spent most of his youth hanging around horses.

“I was six years old when my brother started roping, and I knew that’s what I wanted to do,” McCoy said. Though neither of his parents were involved with horses, McCoy and his brother had no problems with sharing a horse for years.

Soon enough, Scotty’s brother began working as a horse trainer, and their years of sharing came to an end. Throughout his childhood and all of the time he spent with his horses, he said he never imagined he would have become and equine dentist.

“I have been doing dentistry for 3 years,” McCoy said. “It wasn’t something I thought I would be doing when I was younger, but I definitely enjoy it.” Scotty’s wife, Christi, began working for Brazos Valley Equine Hospitals in 2015, and was able to get Scotty’s foot in the door. “BVEH offered me a chance to go to The Academy of Equine Dentistry, and I went,” McCoy said. “Everyone within this company has definitely been beneficial to our family and have helped us greatly.”

While equine dentistry might not have been the dream that stuck out for McCoy throughout his childhood, he explained how the past three years he has spent as an equine dentist have definitely been rewarding. “Doing equine dentistry allows me to meet tons of new people and get a look into how others relate to their horses,” Says Scotty. “It’s so rewarding to see how others relate with their horses, and hearing how much of a difference we made by working on their teeth.”

Outside of work Scotty still enjoys hanging out with his horses, roping and riding.