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Christine Boeckh

Dr. Christine Boeckh grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where she graduated college from Universidade Federal Fluminense in 1980. A year later Dr. Boeckh came to Texas to attend A&M and graduated from there with her master’s degree in Theriogenology in 1983. Christine landed a job at BVEH for the first time 1997. In 2000, she left and went to Georgia to do an ambulatory service. After a 10-year absence she returned to BVEH and is here to stay.

Dr. Christine Boeckh has a strong interest in reproduction and the well being of foals. Some of her services will include:

  • Stallion handling for cooled shipment or freezing
  • Diagnostics and management of fertility problems in mares and stallions
  • Breeding mares with frozen and cooled shipped semen
  • Embryo transfer
  • Foaling out mares
  • Collecting and reading uterine biopsies in house.

In her spare time, Christine enjoys cooking, reading, being outdoors, and traveling. Dr. Boeckh has been to a number of different countries including Italy, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, England, Holland, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Turkey, and Greece. Her favorite go-to goody after a long day is any sort of chocolate. Christine has cats that always keep her on her toes and give her plenty of great stories to tell.


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